What Earth Hour means to me

23 Mar 2022


‘Saving the planet’ was never on my agenda growing up. It seemed too big a task to accomplish. And save it from what exactly? The naive five-year-old me thought to myself, “Whatever it is, I’m sure the grownups will take care of it”. But the...

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7 ways you can spend your Earth Hour evening

17 Mar 2022


If you're not sure how you'll spend your Saturday evening on the 26th of March, look no further! After switching off your lights, here's how you can spend the Hour with your friends, family, and community - whether at home, outside, online, or...

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Top five things businesses can do to #ShapeOurFuture this Earth Hour

25 Feb 2022

Businesses are critical in moving the world towards a more sustainable future and for Earth Hour, companies of all sizes can do their part to not just shine a spotlight on biodiversity’s rapid decline but to adhere their operations to the best...

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Rediscovering myself, rediscovering Earth Hour

27 Mar 2021


The very first time I heard of Earth Hour was in primary school during a values education class, that week’s theme was about caring for the environment. Since then, Earth Hour was etched as a familiar name in my mind but little did I know that...

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