At Earth Hour, we believe that every single individual has the power to help make a difference and #ChangeClimateChange :) Devi Lockwood, who is currently traveling the world by bicycle and boat to collect 1,001 stories about our climate and water, perfectly encapsulates that, and we hope her story inspires you to shine a light on climate action today!

1. Tell us about yourself
I'm a poet / touring cyclist / storyteller from Boston, currently traveling the world by bicycle and by boat to collect 1,001 stories from people I meet about water and climate change.

2. How did your inspiration that led you to embark on this journey, and your passion for the cause come about?
The inspiration for this trip came from an 800-mile solo bike trip I took down the Mississippi River in August 2013. Along the way I recorded stories that people told me for my senior thesis in Folklore & Mythology. The farther down the river I cycled, the more stories people told me about water and climate change. I decided that I wanted to pursue this kind of work––documenting stories that need to be told––on a global scale.

3. What is the most memorable story you’ve collected so far, & the most memorable thing that has happened to you on this journey?
So many stories stick out! Right now I am reminded of the story of a wildlife rehabilitation worker in Queensland, Australia, who, during the 2013 floods, managed to rescue 18 animals and bring them to safety in his car.

I think the most memorable part of the journey was cycling over Arthur's Pass, New Zealand. There's magic at the top of a continental divide. I felt that if I could climb that hill, I could do anything.

© Devi Lockwood

4. At Earth Hour, we believe that together we can #ChangeClimateChange. We would love to hear your thoughts on how we can make it happen.
Listening is the first step. Listening is at the core of community, and if there's one thing that we need in order to confront the climate crisis, it's strong community at the local level.

5. What’s next for you, and anything else you’d like to add?
Good question! I tried to get to Indonesia via sailboat from Australia, but that plan didn't work out. I decided to stop flying to reduce my environmental footprint. I think I will be based in New Zealand for another few months, and then find another way to get to Southeast Asia over sea. After that... Asia, Europe, and beyond! I'll make it back to North America someday, I'm just not sure when. I want to keep my options open. Part of the beauty of this trip so far has been being open to serendipity and spontaneity.