2015 was no doubt a landmark year for our climate, and as we gear up for Earth Hour 2016, we wanted to keep in mind some of the top climate highlights of 2015 to serve as a reminder of what we can achieve when the world unites to change climate change!

1. Earth Hour 2015
First up, a throwback to Earth Hour 2015, where over 10,400 landmarks joined us in turning off their lights in solidarity with climate action. To show your continued support for climate action, remember to join us this year on 19 March, 8.30 p.m. for another amazing lights off event!


2. Well-being of Future Generations Bill
After two years of campaigning by the WWF-Cymru team, Wales passed the “Well-being of Future Generations” bill designed to drive stronger action on climate change a week before Earth Hour 2015. Once again, a HUGE congrats to the WWF-Cymru team on their amazing achievement! :D 




3. The haze crisis that hit Southeast Asia :(
Caused by illegal slash-and-burn methods to clear land for palm oil and paper production, the haze crisis that hit Southeast Asia highlighted just how important sustainable practices are for the well-being of our planet, its people and wildlife.


Click here to learn more about the haze and changing climate change. 


4. Record-breaking Earth Hour 2015
In 2015, 172 countries & territories participated in Earth Hour 2015 - a record-breaking number for us! Let’s keep the momentum for climate action going in 2016 as well :) Sign up today.

5. 2015 officially became the hottest year on record :(
And that’s why we need to take action for our planet now! Join us today and together, let’s shine a light on climate action


6. Winter Sea Ice In The Arctic Reached A Record Low
As global temperatures hit unprecedented highs, winter sea ice in the Arctic also reached a record low this year :( Find out more on why climate change in the Arctic affects us all


7. 114 Companies Committed To Reduce Emissions
On the sidelines of COP21, 114 companies committed to help the transition towards a low-carbon, climate resilient economy by setting science-based targets to reduce emissions:) As UNSG Ban Ki-moon said, “How we do business today will determine if we can do business in the future.” 



8. 1000 Mayors Commit To 100% Renewable Energy
During the Paris Climate Summit, 1,000 mayors from around the world voiced their commitment to shift towards 100% renewable energy by 2050, signaling a new wave of much-needed climate action!

9. Tweet Your Leader
People across the globe stood united for urgent climate action in the run up to and during #COP21 through marches, petitions and of course, our ‘Tweet Your Leader’ campaign which saw thousands send powerful messages to world leaders to #ChangeClimateChange. We couldn’t have done it without you - so here’s a huge THANK YOU from us! :)

10. Paris Climate Agreement
And last but not least in our top 10 climate highlights is of course, the adoption of the Paris Agreement! For the first time in history, the world came together and agreed on a global climate deal, signaling a new era of climate action :) Let us keep the momentum going in the new year- sign up for Earth Hour 2016 NOW!