From individuals, to businesses and communities, tackling one of our planet’s biggest environmental challenges requires everyone to be a part of the solution. Together, we believe we can create a future where people and nature live in harmony, and here are some examples of businesses that have dedicated themselves toward that vision :)

To change climate change, we need to come together to tackle deforestation - one of the key drivers of climate change, which is exactly what the partnership between WWF and Unilever aims to do by helping to protect a million trees! To achieve this, Unilever and WWF support forest protection programmes in Brazil and Indonesia, two countries wh​ich​ have some of the largest areas of intact forest globally, but have historically had the highest rates of deforestation in the world. In fact, WWF’s relationship with Unilever goes ​back ​more than two decade​s​ when they worked together to establish the Marine Stewardship Council and since then, Unilever has been exemplary in showing its commitment to the planet through its corporate efforts:) With the integral role our forests ​and oceans ​play in regulating the climate, we could definitely use more collaborations like this! 


© Neyret & Benastar / WWF

One of the global leaders in the beverage industry, Coca-Cola has been working with WWF since 2007 to help conserve the world’s freshwater resources and create a more water-secure future. This groundbreaking partnership was also the force behind inspiring global co-operation in more than 50 countries across the world! To date, WWF and Coca-Cola have worked on a variety of projects such as improving the ​company's supply chain by supporting sustainable sugar, river-basin conservation, climate protection, supply-chain water use and more. In addition, the Coca-Cola company has also made freshwater stewardship a business priority, an apt move given the fact that water forms the main ingredient in all of its products. To find out more about this partnership, click here


© Scott Dalton / WWF-US

Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd
Recently announced in January 2016, Royal Caribbean and WWF​ are​ embarking on a five-year partnership that aims to protect and safe-guard the long-term health of the ocean, home to an estimated two million species and a source of food for more than one billion people! Together, ​WWF will help the cruise line set out ​and​ achieve sustainability targets that will help reduce Royal Caribbean’s environmental footprint, raise awareness on ocean conservation among the company’s more than five million guests and support WWF’s global ocean conservation work. Some of these targets include reducing the company’s greenhouse gas emissions by 35 per cent by 2020, sourcing 90% of it’s wild-caught seafood responsibly and more. Read more about the partnership here.



© Jürgen Freund / WWF



Tropical forests are being destroyed at an alarming rate - in Sumatra alone, more than half of ​the region's natural forests have been lost since 1985. Given the current landscape, our forests need all the protection they can get - from individuals, to governments and of course, partnerships that protect the planet, such as WWF’s collaboration with AVON. Being one of world’s largest catalogue producers and consumers of paper products, AVON ​is keen​ to use its global presence to help drive sustainable solutions throughout the pulp and paper supply chain and generate positive outcomes in many of the world’s most vulnerable forests. In addition to helping drive sustainable solutions in the pulp and paper supply chain, the partnership also aims to engage AVON’s customers in halting deforestation through an education campaign called ‘Hello Green Tomorrow’. The campaign actively supports WWF’s reforestation efforts in Indonesia and is raising funds and building awareness to help end deforestation and restore critically endangered rainforests in more than 50 countries! Learn more here

As businesses, communities and governments come together to show their support for climate action, it’s important to remember that individuals like yourself play an integral role in the movement to change climate change too! Stay connected with us on the latest updates on our climate to see how you can help, and check out how these individuals are making a positive difference for our environment :)

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