Everywhere you look, people are talking about COP21 and the need for a deal to emerge from what is slated to be the one of the planet’s biggest climate conferences. The topics, the timelines and the talk in general can get confusing so we decided to take the bull by the horns and break it down to the lowest common denominator. Read on to understand COP21 in 26 letters…its almost as simple as learning your ABCs! This week, take a look at letters P through T :)

P for People: Climate change affects us all and any conversation on climate action which fails to include people is incomplete. WWF’s Earth Hour brings climate action from the conference rooms into the living rooms ensuring the key actors who cause, suffer from and can solve climate change are a part of climate history. 

Q for ‘Quite enough’: COP21 is a moment for the global community to come together and deliver a resounding message: it is time to change climate change.

R for Renewables: We can’t say this enough, but investment and access to renewable energy is going to be crucial to keep emissions down, avoid an off-the-charts rise in global temperatures and create sustainable energy sources for the future.

S for Species: scientists predict climate change could contribute to the mass extinction of wild animals in the near future. We need to take action not only for ourselves but also the polar bears, marine turtles and bumblebees of the world!

© WWF-Malaysia / Mazidi Abd Ghani

T for Time: COP21 comes at a critical time – the targets under the Kyoto protocol run out in 2020, the same year that emissions should ideally peak to keep global temperature rise below 2 degrees Celsius. The time to act is now - help us change climate change by telling your leader to take firm climate action at COP21!

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