Earth Hour 2016 took place in a record-breaking 178 countries and territories around the world, showing us that individuals from across the globe are uniting for climate action now more than ever :) In the movement to change climate change, we’ve always believed that the people are our greatest strength, and these individuals below toiling to unite their communities, cities and countries for climate action are testament to that fact. They serve as fine examples of the power of individuals to make a lasting difference for our planet and our collective future and we hope they inspire you as much as they motivate us every single day.

Abdul Uvais, Sri Lanka
Starting off the list is Abdul Uvais, who has been a loyal supporter of the Earth Hour movement since 2011 - 2012 :) This year, he and his team joined forces with the Lithuanian consulate in Colombo to organize an Earth Hour event at the iconic Colombo Kingsbury Hotel. In addition, they encouraged individuals to organize their own events and build greater awareness for the cause, as well as to use their social media profiles to help shine a light on climate action. Abdul’s commitment and passion to change climate change is an inspiration for us all!


© Consulate of the Republic of Lithuania Sri Lanka




Kurdish Region of Northern Iraq - Amanj Saeed
Joining us from the Kurdish Region of Northern Iraq, Amanj Saeed has proven to be another true example of a climate action hero :) This year, Amanj helped to organize an event to urge action on the region’s’ environmental laws. To achieve this, he and his team set up a booth downtown on the day of Earth Hour, where they gave out flyers to increase awareness. Aside from this, they worked alongside Asiacell, a local telecommunications company, to send out SMSes to their subscribers  to further spread the word. And that’s not all! Amanj and his team also worked with Lafarge and other NGOs to plant 300 trees. On the night of Earth Hour, the team organized the movement’s signature lights out event at an environmentally-friendly café, along with a presentation on the team’s achievements for the environment over the past five years.

Jerry Biret, French Polynesia
In French Polynesia, Jerry Biret has been instrumental in inspiring individuals to join the cause. This year, intending to shine a light on waste management, he and his team invited people to attend a unique rock and roll concert in Punaauia City Hall alongside local singers, athletes and even Miss. Tahiti pageant winners! The tickets for this concert were made available in exchange for renewable waste items and all waste collected was processed, with the monetary returns being donated to charity. In addition, a photography exhibition was held in partnership with the National Chamber of Commerce showcasing professional works with climate change as the main theme. Jerry shows us exactly how to throw a party for the planet :)

George Selkov, Macedonia
One is never too young to stand up for what one believes in. In the lead up to Earth Hour this year, 21-year old George Selkov in Macedonia, an Earth Hour supporter since 2011 harnessed the power of the crowd to change climate change by organizing a contest for students and the public to crowdsource ideas to change climate change. Safe to say, George himself is a firm believer in the power of individuals! ;) 


© Earth Hour Macedonia


Aside from this, George oversaw the ‘Viennese Dance’ event, a prestigious annual event that was attended by the Ambassador of Austria who showed his support for climate action by participating in lights-out as well as the ‘Theatre of Shadows’ event held in the Daut-Pashin Amam in Skopje. The campaign was supported by Red Cross, City of Skopje, EVN Macedonia and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Macedonia. A huge THANK YOU to George Selkov for helping to achieve so much for the movement and our planet - it’s definitely inspiring to have folks like him stand with us in the fight against climate change!


© Earth Hour Macedonia

We hope this list of amazing individuals gives you a healthy dose of inspiration for the weekend and beyond ;) If you’re looking to do your part, join the movement to change climate change today!

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