Earth Hour 2016 took place in a record-breaking 178 countries and territories around the world, showing us that individuals from across the globe are uniting for climate action now more than ever :) In the movement to change climate change, we’ve always believed that the people are our greatest strength, and these individuals below toiling to unite their communities, cities and countries for climate action are testament to that fact. They serve as fine examples of the power of individuals to make a lasting difference for our planet and our collective future and we hope they inspire you as much as they motivate us every single day. We hope you enjoy part 2!

Eddy Vasquez, Dominican Republic

In the Dominican Republic this year, Eddy Vasquez brought climate action into the daily lives of his community. From encouraging individuals to integrate climate actions such as consuming local produce, conserving water and paper into their daily lives, to organising a digital campaign and on-ground campaign to encourage participants, Eddy Vasquez and his team shined a light on inspiring action to #ChangeClimateChange! In addition to their campaign, a performance was held by local artists and children using recycled materials. After all, it’s never too early to start showing some love for the planet ;)

Rimey Osman, Brunei


© Earth Hour Brunei 

Who says we can’t have a little fun while taking on climate change? Just ask Rimey Osman and his team, who engaged the community with a scavenger hunt at the Yayasan Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Complex, as well as a city walk around Bandar Seri Begawan in Brunei for Earth Hour. In addition to this and other events, the biggest night hike in the country was organized at Taman Tasek Lama, where hikers cleaned the trail route at Tasek Lama Recreational Park toward Sarang Helang hill, while building awareness on the negative effects of waste and deforestation on the environment.


© Earth Hour Brunei

Like true climate heroes, Rimey Osman and team continue to show their commitment to #ChangeClimateChange organizing climate and environmental events for July and September this year :)

Oludotun Babayemi, West Africa


© Earth Hour Nigeria

This year, Earth Hour in West Africa started on 1 March, a sign of the team’s enthusiasm to #ChangeClimateChange :) Oludotun and his team organised a digital campaign which encouraged individuals to snap a picture of themselves whilst performing a climate action for the planet. Aside from this, the team also hosted on-ground Earth Hour events across West Africa, which helped to assemble communities and like-minded individuals and build greater awareness in the movement towards a climate-friendly future :D


© Earth Hour Niger


© Earth Hour Benin


Salahaldin Shoshtari, Isfahan, Iran


© Earth Hour Iran - Isfahan

Going with the theme of ‘Shining a Light on Public Awareness for Air and Water’, Salahaldin Shoshtari and crew organised numerous tree planting activities across Isfahan, Iran, with the goal of planting between 230,000 to 800,000 trees - a commendable effort indeed, and one that we’re sure the environment is grateful for given the importance of our green giants and the role they play in regulating our climate. :)


© Earth Hour Iran - Isfahan


© Earth Hour Iran - Isfahan

In addition to this, Salahaldin and his team planned two wastewater treatment plants to provide water to sustain urban green spaces, and screened a film on environmental protection on the day of Earth Hour.

The passion of these individuals never fails to inspire us, and we are honoured to have them stand with us in the fight against climate change :) Every action big or small makes a difference for our planet, and we hope that wherever you are, you’ll join us in the movement to #ChangeClimateChange for our planet and our future generations!

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