Everywhere you look, people are talking about COP21 which is slated to be one of the planet’s biggest climate conferences. The topics and timelines in general can get confusing so we decided to break it down for you. Read on to understand COP21 in 26 letters…its almost as simple as learning your ABCs! In part 2 of our series, we're looking at letters F - J :) 

F for Finance: funding and financing for climate change adaptation and mitigation remains a contentious issue. Developed countries need to make financial commitments that allow developing countries to follow an alternative development pathway, in collaboration with the private sector, and deal with the impacts of a challenge they didn’t cause but find themselves on the very frontlines of. While many agree on the principle, the practices are yet to be defined and COP21 will hopefully mark a step in this direction.

G for Greenhouse Gases: the only way to keep climate change at bay is to cut down on global emissions of greenhouse gases. In their climate plans, countries must peak their emissions by 2020 as indicated by climate science and then sharply taper it down.

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H for Hot: the truth is climate action can wait no more. 2014 was the hottest year on record and by the looks of it, 2015 is on track to beat it. It is time to create another kind of climate record at COP21.



Copyright: Wim van Passel / WWF

I for Island states: climate change threatens the very existence of island states (like the Marshall Islands, Kiribati and Vanautu) for whom a rise in sea levels could spell a loss of land and livelihoods.





 Copyright: Cat Holloway / WWF

J for Jumping Through Hoops: Coming together for a global agreement to change climate change won’t be an easy feat. Like Daniel Reifsnyder said, “It's kind of like taking 196 cats and trying to get them all to move in the same direction.” But with the right ambition and political will, it’s possible!

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