Climate change is often described as biggest challenge of our time. It is an issue that governments, businesses and NGOs around the world are working tirelessly to take action on but did you know that you could be a part of the solution too?

Sustainable energy production and consumption is an important component of changing climate change and requires efforts by all actors, including individuals. Did you know that the average household could save a third of the electricity it consumes simply by choosing energy-efficient appliances?

The truth is old energy guzzling appliances are climate killers. For example, an energy efficient refrigerator produced today consumes three times less power than a fridge of the same size manufactured in 1990. From coffee machines and rice cookers to television sets and lighting devices, appliances have improved considerably over the years as technological progress and climate awareness have seen a significant spike.

The tricky part is to find the right appliance – i.e. the most energy efficient one which is right for your home and the environment. Many products look the same so how does one tell which is the best unless one is a subject expert or engineer? That is what friends asked me 20 years ago because I am in fact an engineer working on energy efficiency!

The discussion we had then provided me with the inspiration I needed- together with my friends- to create Topten: a simple, easy-to-use website that ranks and lists the ten most efficient household appliances, light bulbs, cars, and so on to make it easier for consumers to find these products. In 2000, the idea became a reality with the first Topten website going live in Switzerland. Today, there are national Topten websites all over Europe as well as China and we will soon be launching the platform in Chile and Argentina.

Independent from manufacturers, Topten offers consumers simple and competent advice on the best products and their use.  With 270 product categories in 17 countries currently online and criteria and test results being published in real time for maximum transparency, Topten stimulates competition amongst manufacturers vying for the BAT- Best Available Technology. In addition, Topten serves as an important resource centre for the media, policy-makers and industry setting new standards for transparency in energy efficiency. That is what the climate needs, and what we want.

Take the first step towards doing your part today. Visit our website or ask your nearest appliance store for advice. Save energy. Save money. Save the planet. It starts with you. Use Your Power ‘efficiently’ and together we can change climate change.

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