There are millions of reasons to take action for our planet - what is yours?

In celebration of Earth Hour’s 10th Anniversary, we partnered with Userfarm, the world’s largest global crowdsourcing video platform to invite individuals just like you to share their stories in our “Millions of Reasons to Take Action” video competition. From docu-shorts, to sketches and animations, each of the videos submitted presented unique insights into what climate action means to different people around the globe. This week, we share the top three videos from our 10th anniversary competition.

“This is our Manifesto”

by Marika Altaeva and Aldar Dambaev

This inspiring video by Marika and Aldar tells a story of two artists who live near Lake Baikal, Siberia. After witnessing the impacts of human-induced pollution and climate change on the lake they grew up beside, they turn to art and sculpture to protest against the abuse of Lake Baikal and the environment. Their action leaves behind a powerful message that anyone, anywhere can use their voice and power to stand up against climate change.

“A Global Effort”

by Chris Allison

As Chris, the man behind “A Global Effort” believes, it is easy to think of reasons to take action against climate change but it is just as easy to stand up for those beliefs! Changing climate change is no easy task, requiring action from everyone, from individuals to organizations and corporations to governments - but it certainly is possible if we work together as one! Featuring the voices of people from different backgrounds, this video ends with everyone uniting with one common goal in mind: to protect and secure the future of our planet.

“Time for Nature”

by Daiana Bucciano, Alessandra Priolisi, and Julie Scheen Costa of Le Matrioske Design

In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, how often do we stop to appreciate the little things we have in life? This animation short by Le Matrioske Design explores the little steps we can take everyday - love, act, save, think, understand, change - to protect our planet for future generations.

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