On Earth Hour’s tenth anniversary on 25 March 2017, an unprecedented 187 countries and territories across seven continents came together to take an urgent stand for climate action. This year, more than 3,000 landmarks and monuments switched off their lights as millions united to protect our planet and future generations from climate change - a testimony to what #togetherpossible stands for!

Read on to discover the people and organizations powering our global movement to change climate change. Together, we continue to inspire individuals, communities, businesses, and organizations around the globe to take action for our planet!

WWF Teams from all around the globe

From raising awareness on climate change to pushing for stronger climate policy and action, Earth Hour 2017 would not have achieved the success it did without our WWF teams teaming up with people and partners to shine a light on critical climate action.

Corporates and Organizations

Changing climate change requires everyone to be part of the action and we are proud to have thousands of organisations join the Earth Hour movement, year after year, to take their first step toward climate action! Thank you for helping pave the way towards a better, sustainable future for all!

Ambassadors & Influencers

Earth Hour would not have been possible without the help of our amazing ambassadors who lent their voice and star power to make our movement a stellar success for the tenth year in a row!

Earth Hour Communities

Harnessing the power of the crowd, our Earth Hour communities worked hard worldwide to encourage people to aim for tangible climate action, from pushing for a ban on plastic bags in Cyprus to planting trees in Taiwan for the planet, wildlife, and future generations! Thank you for showing us what #togetherpossible truly means! :)

Individuals just like YOU!

Earth Hour is all about the power of individuals - and our movement to change climate change would not have been possible without each of you who helped shine a light on climate action!

Thank YOU for lending your voice to our planet - be it by lighting up your profile pictures with our #EarthHour filter, or lending your voice to our planet to amplify the need for climate action today, we couldn’t have done it without YOU!

Thank YOU for yet another amazing Earth Hour but this is only the start. Come along with us beyond the hour and discover how you can take action by staying updated via our mailing list.


Earth Hour