Use Your Power. Three simple words, but together they are powerful enough to create a force that can take on the challenge of changing climate change.

This year, we are asking you to be a part of climate action. Here's a checklist on how you can use #YourPower. Join millions as we team up to tackle the globe’s biggest environmental challenge yet. Change starts now, right here with you.


Here are 10 simple things you can do on the night of Earth Hour to get  involved!

1) Join the biggest celebration of our incredible planet by joining or creating an Earth Hour event on Earth Hour Tracker, our all new interactive map.

2) Support a WWF climate and conservation project and help protect forests, wildlife and communities from climate change.

3) Use your voice. Sign a petition urging decision-makers to act on a climate issue you care about.

4) Spread the word on social media and inspire your friends and family to join too! #EarthHour, #YourPower

5) Why not make your tweet really count? Donate your tweet to power the Earth Hour movement. 140 characters can make a big difference. 

6) You can also make a pledge for Earth Hour and create a ‘GLO’ image of yourself to share with your loved ones. Timex will donate $1 to Earth Hour for every pledge shared.

7) Vote for your favourite ‘most sustainable’ city and help it win the Earth Hour City Challenge - voting closes at midnight on 29th March!

8) Take our brand survey and help us make Earth Hour even more impactful! 

9) Become a part of our community! Sign up to know more about Earth Hour and how we are inspiring and engage people to create a sustainable future for our planet!

10) Turn off the switch but switch on the climate action in whichever way you can and however you know best. Whether its lifestyle changes or spreading awareness about climate change or donating to a WWF climate project- you have the power to Change Climate Change. Earth Hour 2015 will take place on Saturday 28 March at 8:30 p.m. local time. The time to act is now!