Businesses are critical in moving the world towards a more sustainable future and for Earth Hour, companies of all sizes can do their part to not just shine a spotlight on biodiversity’s rapid decline but to adhere their operations to the best sustainability standards. 


Sustainability can seem complicated to most businesses so here are five quick steps you can take to join Earth Hour this year and start your journey, if you haven’t already:


1. Lights off in offices and at home

As always, switch off non-essential lights in your buildings, facilities and signage during Earth Hour from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. For offices that are closed over the weekends ensure your employees switch off lights when they leave on Friday evening. For larger buildings, plan ahead with facilities and building managers to manage the logistics of switching off non-essential lighting for Earth Hour including neon lights – in and around your properties. Employees can also participate from home as part of a fun educational activity on the environment for all ages. Post all your activities online and tag them with #EarthHour, #ShapeOurFuture and #Connect2Earth. You can download the Earth Hour Business Pack to learn more.


2. Get your supporters and employees to join the #ShapeOurFuture short story contest

Imagine a future where you can easily find nature and beauty in life around you. Nature provides us with everything we are and everything we have, and it’s time to #ShapeOurFuture so people and nature can thrive together. We would love to hear stories from your supporters on making a difference for our planet. Ask them to join the short story contest for a chance to win the latest Earth Hour merchandise and for a chance to be featured on our social media channels! Details are in the image above.


3. Organise a ‘Green Team’ in your office and engage your employees

Build a core green team group by finding a few like-minded employees at your workplace. Then, determine how your team will be structured, what areas of focus you would like to work on and what responsibilities each member has. Download the WWF-Canada green team how-to guide and other related resources below to help you along the way. There are many benefits to doing this which includes relieving the stress of having to organise and execute ideas individually, gaining insight on different perspectives on sustainability ideas and forging innovative environmental action for your company. You can find more ideas in our Earth Hour Employee Engagement Handbook.


4. Sign the Business for Nature Call-to-action


Every business relies on nature for resources and ecosystem services such as water, food, fibre, minerals, pollination of crops, water filtration and climate regulation, both in their own operations and supply chains and for their employees and customers.  

Business for Nature is a global coalition that brings together business and conservation organisations and forward-thinking companies. The Business for Nature call-to-action is where businesses can sign up and demonstrate their momentum on nature. This powerful collective business voice calls on governments to adopt ambitious nature policies to reverse nature loss in this decade. The best part is, companies of any size, geography, and sector can sign up to the Call to Action. 


5. Get in touch and partner with WWF

The threats facing our planet affect us all. Only by working together can we find solutions to tackle these threats at scale. We take pride in being the partner of choice for forward thinking private-sector organisations. Professional, pragmatic, credible and solution-oriented, we offer access to a global network of experts and opportunities. With deep expertise in sustainability and environmental stewardship, we deliver thought leadership and innovation.

Whether through reducing risk, improving the bottom line, ensuring security of supply, strengthening your brand, or securing a license to operate, acting for nature makes good business sense. Earth Hour is just one of our many initiatives at WWF - work with us today for positive change, and together we can transform business for people and planet. Find out more at or email