At the #COP21 climate summit in Paris in December 2015, the world witnessed a milestone in global efforts to change climate change :) It marked the first time 195 countries came together to make a firm commitment toward protecting our planet, signaling a new wave of much needed climate action.

As the world enters this new era of climate efforts, we thought of giving a shout out to some countries that are making significant progress in the shift toward renewable energy to encourage them to ramp up their actions and inspire others to do the same. 

1. Denmark

© National Geographic Stock Sarah Leen / WWF

If sharing is caring, then Denmark leads the pack when it comes to creating a fossil-free world. Together with neighbouring Sweden, Norway and Germany, it has built a transmission system that allows renewable energy to be imported and exported across their borders. Getting almost half of its electricity from renewables already, the country seems well on track to achieve its 2050 goal of 100% renewable. 

Fun fact: Last year, the winds were so strong one day that wind power alone was more than able to supply all of Denmark’s electricity needs for the day.

2. Brazil

© Denl Williams


The land of carnivals is sure giving the planet a reason to celebrate. Aiming for a 45% share of total energy mix for renewables by 2030, Brazil has notched up its investments in clean energy, approving the construction of 53 new solar and wind farms last year!

Fun fact: Brazil has also launched a national incentive programme to encourage consumers to produce their own power from renewables, such as by installing solar panels at schools, hospitals and universities. 

3. Germany

© Edward Parker / WWF

Where there is a will, there is a way. In just a short span of time, Germany, amongst the world’s industrial powerhouses, has defied its critics by achieving a remarkable transition from fossil fuels and nuclear energy to wind and solar. In 2014, 27% of its electricity came from renewables – that’s three times more than a decade ago!

Fun fact: It was individuals that sparked Germany’s shift towards renewables, coming together to speak out against nuclear energy in the 1980's and laying the foundation of the transition we are seeing today.

4. Scotland

© Global Warming Images / WWF

Known world over for its highlands, Scotland is making quite a name for itself as a leader in climate policy. With ambitious goals that include meeting at least 30% of its total energy demand through renewables by 2020 and creating a largely decarbonised electricity system by 2030, Scotland has already reduced millions of tonnes of carbon emissions through massive gains in renewable energy.

Fun fact: In March 2016, Scotland shut down its last coal-fired power plant after 115 years of generating electricity from coal! 

5. India

© Wikimedia Commons


India made quite a splash at COP21 when it announced the launch of an International Alliance for Solar Power bringing together 120 countries to boost access and use of solar energy. Indeed, in the last few years, India has been pumping investments into clean energy, boosting its renewable energy capacity by 12.9% between 2014 and 2015, and making it the fifth largest wind energy producer today.

Fun fact: To balance both its development needs and emission reduction goals, India has also launched an initiative to develop 100 smart cities with renewable energy at its core - definitely the kind of cities our future needs :)

As countries across the world take climate action to #ChangeClimateChange, remember that it all begins with individuals like you :) With your help, we can build a better tomorrow so join the movement today - visit now.