When nature thrives, so do we

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Did you know that globally, nature provides services worth around $125 trillion a year? :O As we go about our daily lives, it’s easy to forget that we depend on nature for every single thing! From the very air we’re breathing right now, to the food we love, and the water we drink to quench our thirst, we simply can’t survive without nature and all that it provides.

To put it simply, when nature thrives, so do we. However, the way we’re using our planet’s resources, from the way we grow and use food to the way we power our societies and economies, is pushing nature to the brink :(

WWF’s Living Planet Report, which studies the health of the planet and subsequently the -impact of human activity on the world’s wildlife, forests, oceans, rivers, and climate, was recently released. The results are worrying and show that in just over 40 years, global populations of vertebrate species have declined by 60 percent on average. The biggest cause? Overexploitation and agriculture, which are both linked to continually increasing human consumption.



When we lose nature at such a rapid rate, it ultimately affects its ability to support each and every one of us - highlighting the importance of playing our part to secure the future of our shared home. For all the concerning trends the Living Planet report shows us, it is also an indicator of the potential we have to create an impact and a reminder -r that we can turn things around if we act now. That includes governments, businesses and individuals like you uniting to make a positive difference for planet earth and shifting to a more sustainable way of life, protecting nature and giving it the opportunity to bounce back! There are billions of us across the world - imagine what we can achieve if we all commit to making a change, big or small :)



So how can you help? Whether it’s making sustainable choices like using less plastic, curbing your food waste or opting for eco-friendly and sustainable-sourced products, remember that every decision you make has the power to help our shared home and your voice matters, as a citizen and a consumer. Even encouraging your family and friends to do the same contributes towards securing a better future for nature - after all, the more the merrier! Find out more ways you can help make a difference starting this very moment.


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